Where Did We First Know The History of Human Creation

According to Human Origins Most Authentic Sources of History is the subject of long study. The first humans in the universe known to man by the name Adam was not born from the womb of a mother, but were created by God, the creator of Heaven and Earth. Adam was created from clay is molded and then blown up to be the spirit of another creature that is human.Where did we first know the history of human creation?Three major religions in this world is Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have scriptures that describe the problem. Then, a book of scripture does it and who its author?.
This can be explained by what is written in the Qur'an. When Adam was persuaded by Iblis to violate the rules of God, then Adam, Eve and Iblis were ordered to get out of heaven,"Get out you all from heaven, .... The future when it comes My instructions to you, then those who follow my instructions, then there is no concern over them, nor shall they grieve.As for those who disbelieve (reject / do not want to follow My instructions) and people who deny them that's my verse paragraph of the Fire, in which they are eternal(QS Al Baqarah 2: 38-39)