Origin Of Religion (God's Instuction Given To Adam)

God's instructions given to Adam is the earliest form of religion. Adam and his descendants were given full freedom to choose whether to submit to him or opposed and rejected. from here we know the Origin of Religion (Proof of Life History The First Man Adam).
People who follow the instructions referred to Muslims (which means submission, obedience, submission to follow God's rules), while those who do not follow is called kafir (ie reject, deny or deny) At the time of Adam, Eve and their offspring children to accept and follow the instructions it receives from God, while Satan still would not follow even just kept trying to influence the children of Adam to challenge the existing rules in the instructions that God.
So religion is a divine guidance to mankind so that people know what to do during in the world, so that later can be safely returned to his Lord. When the instructions that God revealed it was copied into the post, into a book, then that's a book called the Bible. Simpler form of a book called sukhuf or sheets. Among the famous  sukhuf is sukhuf Ibrahim and Musa. While the Devine Book mentioned in the Quran is the Torah (Taurat) of Moses, Zabur of David, the Gospel (Injil) of Jesus and the Quran